knowledge and inspiration about good ownership

The Ownership Company assists business owners with ownership models and active ownership. Our mission is to be a source of knowledge and inspiration for owners about good ownership. Through courses, customised consulting, and coaching, we develop ownership practices and promote sustainable business models for the benefit of the company, owners, and society.

Create value for your company as an owner.

All owners can actively contribute to creating a sustainable and valuable ownership model for their company and for the wider community.

Our approach is simple: We work to structure ownership in a way that benefits the company and its stakeholders.

Economic success is important, and we believe in the significance of a solid ownership structure for the long-term well-being of the company.

We help owners make the right decisions for their company, regardless of size and complexity.

The Ownership School

Knowledge and inspiration

Dive into the key aspects of ownership through cases and presentations from leading experts in the field, and identify innovative solutions to optimise the fundamental principles of ownership.

Inspiring venues

Experience two days of engaging and passionate discussions at a cozy conference venue with a peaceful atmosphere, providing the perfect undisturbed setting for learning and reflections.

Expert insight

Access exclusive insights from professors, representatives of family-owned businesses, as well as institutions such as banks, accounting firms, and law offices, and explore the best strategies and solutions for better ownership.

A private journey towards success

Two days at the Ownership School is an investment in the future of your company. They will provide you with valuable knowledge and inspiration to make the right strategic decisions and strengthen your ownership

Responsible Ownership

Controlling shareholders play an important role in corporate governance. They monitor the company assessing company performance as well as board and management effectiveness. They decide who gets elected to the board. They can veto all important decisions and are often consulted on all major issues, including strategy and succession.

They can often provide additional equity if necessary. For company management they are an important resource with which important issues can be discussed in private. They are owners more than investors and have a long-term commitment to the company.

Steen Thomsen
Owner and Partner - The Ownership Company Professor, Center for Corporate Governance, CBS