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Our clients are business owners who seek inspiration, guidance, and advice regarding their current ownership model or are contemplating a transition to a different ownership structure. Many questions arise: Should the founders continue, should the next generation take over, can the family unity persist, should a foundation be established, should a private equity fund be invited in, should the partner circle be expanded.

Our core themes:

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Examples of issues for owners:


How can a family of 17 members optimize their collective business ownership? How can it be ensured that the next generation is equipped to take on ownership? What does a family constitution entail? How can an effective family council be established?

What is a family office?
Why and when does one set up a family office?
How do you co-own a family office?
Which role should the family hold?
Transitioning from being a business owner to owning a family office – what is the difference?

Is it a sensible decision for a family to involve a private equity firm in the ownership circle?
What are the differences between different types of private equity funds?
How can ownership be managed when a foreign private equity fund has acquired a significant stake in the company?
How can conflicts among the owners be avoided, and how can the company’s value be maximized?

How can a private equity fund actively exercise its ownership of a specific company?

Does this happen through involvement in the business’ board?

How can a business owner most effectively transfer their shares to a fund aimed at managing the founder family’s finances, ownership of multiple companies, and philanthropy?

How can an association with hundreds of members be the most effective owner of a publicly traded company?

What role does the association’s representative assembly play in this context?

Who should have a seat on the board of directors?

How can public companies improve their governance structures to ensure effective leadership and decision-making?

How can public companies optimize their resource allocation and financial management to ensure financial sustainability?

The Ownership School

Seminar on ownership models: Overview, inspiration, and discussion – what is the best form of ownership for you, your company, and society, and how is it exercised?

Ownership Review

Customised workshop – The future form of ownership is clarified through a dialogue with owners, heirs, and the company’s management.

Ownership Strategy

Customised workshop – We collectively focus on the best way to implement and professionalize the chosen ownership structure.

Owner and NextGen development

Customised – how do we continuously develop the best owners and NextGens?

Focus is on everyone being well prepared and being at ease with their current and future roles.