Our services

The following is an overview of our services.

The Ownership School

Seminar on ownership models – we invite you to participate with other fellow business owners

Overview, inspiration, and discussion – which is the best ownership model for you, your company, and society, and how should it be implemented?

Ownership Review

Customised programme – do you still have the best ownership model?

The future ownership model is reviewed and clarified through a dialogue with owners, heirs, and the company’s management.

Ownership Strategy

Personalised programme – how to exercise ownership as effectively as possible?

Together, we focus on the best way to implement and professionalise the selected ownership structure.

Owner and NextGen development

Personalised – how do we continuously develop the best owners and NextGens?

Focus is on everyone being well prepared and being at ease with their current and future roles.

Services at The Ownership Company

We offer a structured and thoughtful approach to ownership advisory, guiding business owners through a well-defined process. Owners participate in our 2-day Ownership School, where they gain a solid understanding of optimal ownership, the various models and opportunities. After the Ownership School, we offer individual Ownership Review, where we dive into the specific needs and wishes of the company and its future ownership. Finally, with our Ownership Strategy, we assist in implementing and professionalising the chosen ownership model. This process ensures that the owners are well-informed and prepared to make the best decisions for their business. Our services can be chosen in the order mentioned or according to the specific needs of the owners, including owner and NextGen development, ensuring a seamless transition to the next generation and continuous development of the ownership role.