About us

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About the Ownership Company

We are an advisory company specialising in business ownership and its many aspects. Our mission is to be the trusted advisory partner who guides you through the complexity, nuances, and aspects of ownership options including the practical implementation.

Our approach is simple: We prioritize the success and sustainability of the business. We believe that successful ownership should create value for the company, its owners and for the broader community. It is not only about financial aspects but also about creating sustainable and healthy companies with clear goals and strategies. For the good of everyone – for the companies, for the owners, and for society.

We offer courses, customised advice, and mentoring within a wide range of topics related to ownership, including ownership structures, succession planning, creation of family councils and business foundations. Our team of experienced advisors and experts are ready to help you navigate through these complex topics and find the best solutions for you and your company.

Our advice is customised to the unique challenges and goals of the owner.

Team/ Board

We are a passionate and dedicated team, providing valuable and diverse experience from Denmark and abroad. With our diverse backgrounds and complementary skills, we aim to assist owners in optimising and enhancing their ownership structure.

Our goal is to improve the performance and to create a positive impact on communities, individuals, families, and of course, the company as a whole. We are here to guide and support owners on their journey towards the best version of their ownership.

Together, we have more than 160 years of experience and knowledge about ownership challenges which we are keen to share with owners.

Director with a background in family businesses and a strong focus on sustainability. Annette has extensive experience in the construction industry and brings a unique perspective to the team.

"Owners who have the right ownership structure have a great opportunity to make positive contributions to both the community and the environment."

Director, with 20 years of global experience in family-owned businesses and family offices at institutions such as IMD, INSEAD, EY, and the Family Business Network, Lise is an expert in customer relations and engagement, marketing, communication, consulting, and mentoring. Top 100 Influencer.

"There is a real need for assistance with ownership structures and especially generational transitions. We would like to help you discover the best solutions."

Chairman and main shareholder of Northern Horizon Capital. Lars is the former head of the Center for Corporate Governance at CBS and has extensive knowledge of the financial world and business management.

"Through ownership, purpose, and governance, we support owners on their journey towards good stewardship."

Partner, board member. Professor in Business Foundations at CBS, Academic Advisor for the Board Leadership Society and CBS Board Education programme. Steen has researched and advised on ownership and corporate governance for decades. Co-founder and majority shareholder of Boardmeter ApS. Chairman, Pluto Nature Foundation.

Advisory Board

Marianne Philip is a seasoned legal professional with expertise in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, and Company law. As a partner at Kromann Reumert, she chaired the Board of Directors and now serves as Chair for various organisations, including The Danish Committee of Good Governance of Enterprise Foundations and Toms Gruppens Fond. With extensive experience on the boards of foundation-owned firms, Marianne brings valuable insight into governance practices and strategic decision-making.
Morten Bennedsen is a distinguished Professor of Economics at the University of Copenhagen and former André and Rosalie Hoffmann Chaired Professor of Family Enterprise at INSEAD. He also served as Academic Director of the Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise.
Tine Roed, Director of CBS Bestyrelsesuddannelserne, brings extensive leadership and governance experience to her role. She chairs Multimanager Invest and serves on the boards of Nykredit Alpha, Danish Industry, Nykredit Alternatives Core AIF-SIKAV, and several other esteemed organizations. Tine's leadership roles include former chairmanship at the Danish Board Association and vice chairmanship at TV2.